The evidence from the research papers linked in the ‘About NEEL‘ page shows that GHK-Cu is probably one of the most powerful
and beneficial peptides in our body, and in NEEL, it is in a formulation that enhances its absorption to most dermal layers.

This is not the main website of NEEL. The main website will be launched in 2023. This is a web page to facilitate the pre-launch purchase of NEEL for our aging-research community of supporters. Your support is highly appreciated and gives us our daily encouragement to continue developing the most advanced products that could make us all young and healthy in the near future. Hope NEEL brings a lot of joy and beauty to you and your loved ones.

Note: Please do not expect an overnight transformation of your skin. One needs to apply NEEL diligently as per recommended usage for a period of 4 to 8 weeks before one can see all the benefits.

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